Requests for Assistance

The following information provides guidelines for developing new projects with Builders Without Borders.

(For general inquiries, use our Contact Us form.)

1. Learn about Builders Without Borders:
– Read About Us
– Read our FAQ
– Visit other parts of our website to learn about the type of work we do.

2. Contact BWB:
– Send us a brief summary of your project using our Contact Us form.

3. Complete the BWB Site Audit:
– The Site Audit helps us understand your needs, identify local resources and climate conditions, cultural needs, etc. This step is required for all new projects. The Site Audit is located on our Publications page.

4. BWB Steering Committee Approval:
– Requests for assistance must be approved by our Steering Commitee. A decision is typically made within two weeks, after which time you will be notified of the results.