Image Gallery

Navajo Hogan, New Mexico:
Setting trusses
Trombe wall
Building walls
Peeling poles

Anapra Project, Mexico:
Unloading bales
Building pallet trusses
Setting pallet trusses
Mixing earthen plaster
Applying earthen plaster
Straw bales as ceiling insulation
Jose Luis’ SB house

BWB in Washington DC for Afghanistan Day 2002
Washington DC Mall
Patriotic strawbale
View through the window

Mongolian Strawbale Tour of the Southwest
Tour of SB hogan

Facilitator Training, Kingston, New Mexico
Stone foundation
Stacking bales
Group photo

International Images
SB in Mongolia
SB in China
SB in Russia

Bustan L’Shalom Medical Clinic, Wadi Na’am, Israel
Clinic under construction
Clinic nearly completed

Step-by-Step Straw-Bale Construction, Obregon, Mexico:
Strawbale Slideshow