Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How can I get involved in Builders Without Borders? Do you have an office or contact person where I can learn more about your organization?

You can become involved in BWB at any level. For example, you could volunteer with building projects, help to raise funds, become a Project Facilitator, or just stay updated by email or the newsletter. Our office is currently in Kingston, NM, and you may contact us there at 510-525-0525 or email us at <[email protected]>. If you have not already, please visit our web site at

Who are your partners? What other groups do you work with?

To see a list of our partners and committee members, please click here.

Where can I go to find help on starting a new project with BWB?

Visit our Requests for Assistance web page.

Does your organization have speakers that can give us a presentation, or provide information and materials so that a local person may give a presentation on your behalf?

Occasionally we make presentations for special events, but we currently do not have the resources to give such presentations in most cases. However, in order for more people to know of our work, we are producing a video to showcase models of the kind of work BWB aspires to. We also plan to put together a slide show and presentation materials for the kind of outreach you are speaking of.

How do I become involved/initiate similar projects in Australia, Canada, Costa Rica, etc?

While we currently may not have any projects planned in these areas, you can contact other BWB members and natural builders. If you generate enough interest, you could form a working group to initiate a project. We are happy to work with you to get information, network, and generate interest if you have a specific project in mind.

I have been studying alternative building techniques, have a lifetime of experience in farming and own a small construction company. I can foresee a growing interest in alternative construction techniques in my community, and feel called to take the initiative to learn and, subsequently, to teach or demonstrate these new techniques. What sort of information do you send someone like me and how do you suggest I become involved?

You may get involved with BWB however you wish. If you would like to contact all the members we have in your area and get a regional BWB team or an alternative building network going, that would be great. There are many interested and active members but few organized and focused groups. From the brief description of your skills and interests, it sounds as though you could attend our Project Facilitator Training Course and become trained to co-facilitate building projects in your area or abroad.

What skills do you require in a team leader?

We are currently determining the skills set desirable in a team leader. Our Project Facilitator Training is envisioned to familiarize and give experience in the types of skills you would need in the field. These skills would include practical building skills in ecological design and construction techniques, teaching techniques, as well as facilitation techniques necessary for effective communication and relations with local communities.

What do I need to do to become a member?
Are there any criteria or a formal procedure to be worked though?

Unless you are interested in becoming a Project Facilitator, there is no formal membership procedure, just send us your address, phone and fax numbers, email, website, skills, and interests. Project Facilitators must go through our ten-day training process, which we plan to hold one or more times a year. It is free to receive the newsletter and to be added to the BWB email list which will update you on meeting schedules, agendas, and minutes. If you would like to help fund our organization monetarily, we ask for a minimum of 25 US dollars. If you are a student or wish to give less that is fine too. If you are a business or organization we ask that you donate 100 or more US dollars. Of course any amount you would care to give is gratefully accepted.